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Ms. Peaches & Mr. Pickles Puppy Media

Ms. Peaches & Mr. Pickles Puppy Media.

Welcome to the Ms. Peaches & Mr. Pickles Puppy media page. While I am technically, an unabashed world famous fashionista, my adopted little brother, Mr. Pickles, has joined me on the runway. Let me tell you, we both love fashion, clothes, makeup, and above all, all things PINK, GREEN and PREPPY.

Puppy Dog Media & Fashion

We will show all our fans what is the latest Preppy fashion in the Puppy Dog world. Including what we are wearing, and offer Puppy tips for the sweet, dishy, and smashing Puppy Dogs in your life. We will also share our Puppy Dog adventures, goals, problems, and all the things that make us happy little rescued Puppy Dogs.

I luv you all,

Ms. Peaches

Ms. Peaches & Mr. Pickles

Ms. Peaches & Mr. Pickles Puppy Dog Media

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